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Claire is a fantastic practitioner who I highly recommend! I have suffered since my teens with back pain; curvature of the spine, stress fractures, degenerative arthritis, dehydrated & bulging discs, hypermobility, hip and pelvic pain etc….the past couple of years I have been suffering with bulging discs, I have an active lifestyle and my job is physically demanding.

The NHS advised unfortunately there was nothing they could do for me, they couldn’t operate because of the positioning of the stress fractures in my spine & that was that.

Not only did my hip pain disappear whilst having the treatment, I was standing up straight, walking evenly, I felt more free & much to my delight I had a smile back on my face after a week of excruciating pain.

Claire makes you feel at ease, she is highly experienced with so many different conditions, she goes above & beyond to help you, she went through everything with me to see what else I can do at home to help myself, we spoke about certain foods that could help, supplements, things I hadn’t even thought of, she also got to the bottom of a deficiency it looks as though I have.

I am very grateful to know Claire & I am excited again about my future!

Highly recommended, thank you Claire x


I am 70 and had no sight in my right eye for 4 years so I had to look directly down. I became quite stooped over but a few sessions and I felt a foot taller. She also sorted out my damaged shoulder almost immediately. Now I go for maintenance once a month. The difference in my posture and the feeling of wellbeing I now feel is profound.

I have been going to Claire for 3 years, what she does is unbelievable. I still look at her with a stunned look on my face at the instant relief from pain and increased mobility. It is not necessary to go for as long as I do but I do a lot of physical voluntary work which means I get a bit beaten up so I go to Claire to fix it. Then I go for other things, for me it is like having a massage once a month or so, treating myself. Scar Release – I had a nasty furrrow on my forehead, nose to hairline due to a fall down concrete steps and I was extremely self concious about it. That diminished in one treatment.
After just one session with Claire I really noticed the difference in my muscles! I’d gone in with sore hamstrings and adductors and the next day it felt as if I’d got new legs! Claire made me feel welcome and relaxed and provided helpful advice. Would definitely recommend!
Claire took me through the tapping technique which I had heard of, but had never seen it in practise. The whole way through, Claire made me feel at ease and she was very comforting with the situation that was an issue at the time. The tapping points were explained thoroughly and she was always clear on instruction and the reasons behind each point. During the session, the tapping helped me immensely get from a stressful 9, down to a 3, and then again to a 1, as it made me focus on the situation, and also gave me clarity that I actually wasn’t the problem and I need to take back my control of my emotional response. I used the tapping technique a couple of days following our first session, while I was at work as I felt my stress level rising. It was a great 5 minute bathroom run to de-stress and come back out feeling ready to move forward with the day. I have used it since the first couple of times and each one has helped me unravel my head space and focus better. I’m so pleased I’ve been introduced to this method as it’s such an alleviating technique, which I can do for myself anywhere I need to, if life is getting all too much. Thank you so much Claire for your comforting words and guidance with this. You’re a diamond!

I had treatment off Claire yesterday, and I don’t how it works, but I walked round the shops of Canterbury with no limp or pain on my foot. Fantastic!!!!

You are the key to unlocking your own wellness, let me show you how.